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11/17/08 07:54 PM #1    

Jack & Hoke (Hokel) Farr

Welcome to the Farr Family website. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/03/08 03:04 AM #2    

Jack & Hoke (Hokel) Farr

The invitation to join the Web Site went out to 36 family members on December 02, 2008. This was the first "mass" email to the members of the family who had an email address. Welcome to our site. Enjoy the features. Get involved by adding photos and/or videos. If you or your family members want a new initial profile photo posted in the site, the administrators have to change or add it. Everyone, however, can add photos/videos to their own established profiles. Go to Family Profiles and click on your name. Just follow the prompts to generate the password required to reenter your profile with your email address. You need to log in with your email address and a chosen password to view all profiles. Some profiles may be restricted by their owners to just those Family Members who have "joined" the site. We need more Family Member email addresses and missing initial photos. Thank You for participating. Let's have fun with this.

12/25/08 01:24 AM #3    

Jack & Hoke (Hokel) Farr

The Our Family COOKBOOK is fantastic. We keep seeing something different each time we look it over. We have used recipes out of it already. Lee made Pull Apart Bacon Bread, Scalloped Cabbage, and Scalloped Corn from the COOKBOOK recipes. She brought them over Christmas Eve. I made oyster stew, by combining her COOKBOOK recipe using “canned oysters, and sauteed onion”, didn’t use celery, and improved it by adding a quart of fresh oysters. The combined soup recipe worked out great, and seemed to satisfy the picky part of the family. We really enjoyed the recipe book items.

Thanks to Lindsay Gierhart for her great idea, her determination, and her leadership in generating the Our Family COOKBOOK.

12/30/08 01:07 PM #4    

Wes & Lindsay (Larson) Gierhart

It was absolutely my pleasure and I'm thrilled that everyone is enjoying it. I plan on making the Reuben Casserole for New Year's Day to bring in the New Year. Hope this reaches all of you enjoying the last few days of 2008 and may 2009 bring you much happiness.

07/10/09 10:12 AM #5    

Lj & June (McConnell) Farr

Hi Everyone,

We enjoyed hosting the 2009 FARR FAMILY REUNION very much!! You are all such awesome people! I love being a part of this family. It was so good to get to see everyone that came. Got off to a great start on Thursday July 2nd with pizza and salad at our home (LJ and June).
Followed by Kumla and enchilladas and ham at Bobby and Bonnies on Friday the 3rd, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of photos of all of the ladies participating in the making of the Kumla, with Tracie as their fearless leader! Had a couple of poker tournaments--in which I did NOT win anything!
On Saturday it was all day at Jay and Tanya's for a BBQ of ribs and about 100 sides, we had soooo much food we could have feed every Farr there is! A day of swimming and great entertainment as we were all subjected to a mud slinging contest in which 4 vehcles wound up burried to their axels. Henry said the entertainment was worth at least $20! (Maybe we'll see some photos of this little adventure).
Then on Sunday it was over to Leslie and Scott's for brunch, again more food than was possible to eat--even had homemade sausage gravy for Arizona Lesli!
Monday, for those that were left, we took a trip to the Florida Aquarium and then lunch at the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City (thank you Lesli and Chuck for lunch---it was awesome! uuummmmm good!).
Then Tuesday the last visitor left for home! Sad to see everyone leave, but LOVE all of you, and will see you at the next reunion, hopefully in Wisconsin! You are all a blast (even Ray--haha). Love you Ray! A great time of visiting and catching up.
June and LJ

07/12/09 10:55 PM #6    

Jack & Hoke (Hokel) Farr

LJ and June’s for pizza and salad. Bobbie and Bonnie’s for Kumla and enchiladas. Jay and Tanya’s for BBQ (ribs, chicken, bologna, Brats). Leslie and Scott's for a fabulous brunch. Food, food, food, and more food; from Thursday through Sunday. Great job by all the cooks, and great planning by the Florida bunch.

Ray, Henry, Hoke, and I even had an opportunity to enjoy the Casino without losing their shirt, home, or Jack’s van. Lee, Lissa, Lesli and Loren (the family L’s) enjoyed the beach and finding shells.

We drove about 3400 miles to and from the Reunion and the warm Southern hospitality and the great fellowship at the 2009 Florida Farr Reunion made the trip worthwhile. What great fun it was to see everyone again.

We experienced a few electrical problems with the Van, but, the old buggy did a good job for us mechanically. We got a new battery in Macon, Georgia (and help from a fantastic Christian named George Head). George came along less than ten minutes after we pulled off the interstate. He pulled us off the bridge over the interstate, jump-started the van, and guided us through the back woods to an all night Wal-Mart. We could not test anything at that time of night, so we bought a new battery and George put it in for us. George was concerned that is might be our alternator, and was worried that we might experience difficulty later. He spent nearly four hours helping us, and would not accept anything but a hug from us, and a prayer from him for our well being.

There ARE beautiful people in this world.

All worked well for approximately 200 miles and the battery gave out in Lake City Florida. Half a dozen people volunteered to help us in the Grocery/Gas Station we stopped at. The general manager of the local Honda Dealership was also there. He sent for a tow truck from his shop and saw to it that we had a new alternator installed. How lucky can Iowans get??

Thank you Florida for a memorable family reunion.

Much Love to all,

Uncle and Aunt, Great Uncle and Great Aunt,

Jack and Hoke

07/15/09 09:14 AM #7    

Lj & June (McConnell) Farr

Hi Jack and Hoke,

You truly are a "GREAT" UNCLE AND AUNT!!

We loved doing the reunion and just wanted everyone to have a great time and be blessed! We missed everyone that was unable to attend, but hope to see them at the next reunion.

Have a safe and blessed summer everyone.

LJ and June (and all of the Florida family)

08/02/09 12:58 AM #8    

Jack & Hoke (Hokel) Farr

Got a message from Carl on the Farr web site (sent to me). (sent through Contact Us instead of Message Forum).


From Carl Dean & Barbara (Godfrey) Farr
Subject Its a girl yep sure is!

Baby Girl Born July 28th 2009 7lbs 5 onces

name Sunny Joy Farr going to get chad to put

pictures on tomorrow .

Congratulations to Chad and Lanie.


08/02/09 06:56 PM #9    

Bob Niederhauser (Niederhauser)

sorry we could not make Florida. Looking at the pictures really makes me miss all of you...You all look terrific! Bob

08/09/09 05:07 PM #10    

Lj & June (McConnell) Farr

Hi Bob and Marge,
We missed you too! Hope to catch you at the next "gathering".
LJ and June

09/03/09 12:19 PM #11    

Scott & Leslie (Farr) Hammack


Thanks for the pictures in my profile.


01/09/10 11:12 AM #12    

Lj & June (McConnell) Farr

I would like to announce that we are going to be grandparents again!! Our daughter and son-in-law, Leslie and Scott are expecting their first baby this year!!! Congratulations to Leslie and Scott!! Love you both!!

10/20/10 08:59 PM #13    

Jack & Hoke (Hokel) Farr

October 20, 2010. Lesli Stabenow had a complete Knee replacement last week. She is doing fine and feels good. She has to complete rehabilitation sessions. She will spend another five weeks at home recuperating. She is looking forward to her normal activities, like bowling and ballerina dancing, when all the past pain is gone.



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