Front:: Janice Hoit, Teddy Hoit. Back::Aunt Della and Uncle Ted Hoit

Uncle Sy and Aunt Luella Johnson and Eilean.

Aunt Luella

         Aunt Alma Halverson and Grandma Farr.


Front Row: Aunt Bess Sivers, Aunt Avis Honken, Aunt Della Hoit, and Aunt Clara Lynch. Back Row: Uncle Maynard Johnson, Aunt Alma Halverson,  Grandma Martha Farr, Aunt Bea, and Uncle Silas Johnson.


Aunt Clara Lynch, Aunt Alma Halverson, Grandma Farr, Aunt Bea, and Uncle Maynard.

        Pat Sivers and Aunt Bess Sivers.

Kelly is @ two, Connie @3, Photo was taken in @ 1963. Probably at Uncle Maynard Johnson's farm.

                                  Grandpa Ray Farr.

      Uncle Earl and Aunt Bess Sivers.

            Uncle Frank and Aunt Clara Lynch.

       Grandpa Oscar Johnson (Grandma Farr's Dad)