Early Reunion Photos


Kelly (by Mary) is @ two, Connie (left end @ three) - must be about 1963.


 Carl is in center front. If Carl is seven here, then this is @ 1948.

(Ray graduated High School in 1949).

Ray, Jack, Mary, and Eugene (in back row). Probably @ 13, 9, 11, and 15

(front) Mary and Esther  (2nd) Ray, Doris, and Gene (back)  Dale, Carl,

and Jack. Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary in 1965.

Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1965. With Mary, Doris, and Esther behind Mom and Dad. Jack, Dale, Carl, Ray, and Genie in back row.

Aunt Bess Siver, Mom, Aunt Clara Lynch, Uncle Silas Johnson,Uncle

Maynard Johnson. Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1965.

Esther, Doris, Bob, Dale, Genie, Ray, and Jack at Dot and Dales house for mini-reunion. Mary and Carl missed this reunion on September 7, 1980.





Article in the Fort Worth Star- Telegram about the 1989 Texas Reunion.

Esther, Ingrid Watson (Reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Newspaper), and Dale Farr.  At 1989 Texas Reunion.

Article in the Marshalltown Times Republican, written by our Rhonda Farr.



Back row: Carl, Dale, Gene, Ray, and Jack.  Front row: Esther, Doris, Mary, and Bob at the 1989 Farr Reunion in Texas.

Back row: Dale, Gene, Doris, Ray, Jack, and Bob. Front row: Esther,          Uncle Earl, Carl, Aunt Bess, and Mary; at the 1989 Reunion in Texas.

   Esther loved kissin' the pig. The pigged loved it too. 6/14/92 Reunion.



2006 Family Reunion in Round Rock, Texas. Portrait of all the attendees.

2006 Family Reunion in Round Rock, Texas.  Carl, Jack, Ray, and Esther.

2006 Family Reunion in Round Rock, Texas.  Carl & Barb, Jack (&Sheryl Brown standing in for Hoke), Ray and Val, Esther and Denny.

                                   Our kids.

                         Our kids with spouses.


                                 Their kids


                  Their kids with spouses and family.

        L J at Carl and Susan Larson's House.  2006 Texas Reunion.

   L J at Carl and Susan Larson's house.  2006 Reunion in Round Rock, TX.

Esther, Mary, Carl , Ray, and Jack.  Phoenix reunion in 2002.  Mary died in October, 2002

Ray, Esther, and Jack. Standing in front of original farm home in Laurel. Farr reunion 2004.  Carl missed the 2004 reunion.

Original Farr family home in Laurel (1 mile east, 1 mile north).

                 Carl, Jack, Ray and Esther 2006 Reunion in Texas

Terry, Ray, Sheryl, and Connie; at Jack and Hoke's house for 2004 reunion.

Lesli, Leslie, and Leslie, at 2004 Family Reunion in Marshalltown.